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The Best News Ever in a World Filled with Bad News

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Much of the world will be celebrating Easter this week. Unfortunately, in the West, secular humanism has relegated the Christian Easter to mere “Easter bunnies” and “Easter eggs.”

That degeneration can be closely linked to Western society’s replacement of “thinking” with “feeling.” We have replaced the thermostat with the thermometer. We have given up on rigorous intellectual debate of facts and irrefutable truth and replaced it with “that’s fine if that’s how you feel about it.”

Perhaps the trend is no clearer than when the media—and consequently, the man on the street—expresses an opinion on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the past, people either accepted or rejected Christ’s resurrection as a fact of history. But in today’s post-modern culture—where most of the “thinking” takes place between the nose and the chin—people are apt to say, “Jesus rose from the dead? So what?”

That attitude perpetuates apathy about the most important event in human history, which in turn causes people to miss out on the greatest news they could ever personally experience—news that brought about Western civilization itself.

For the thinking person, Christ’s resurrection is the best news ever because the evidence for it is overwhelming:


  1. It was recorded by four independent accounts, which accurately reported many small details, such as the number of angels at the tomb, the number of women who went to the tomb, the time of their arrival, and the overall sequence of events. All the accounts are easily harmonized.
  2. The removal of the tombstone and the presence of the grave cloth proved that Jesus’ body was no longer in the tomb. In the culture of that day, and with such a dense population, it would have been impossible to hide a body if it were stolen. The authorities could have easily produced it.
  3. After Jesus’ resurrection, He appeared to not just a few women in the garden, but to a wide variety of people, including a group of 500. Surely 500 people could not have suffered a hallucination at the same time.
  4. The resurrection changed things in dramatic ways, such as the change in the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. But the greatest evidence of all might be how it changed the disciples and instilled in them a willingness to die a martyr’s death. Surely they would not have been willing to die a decade or two later for a lie or hallucination.


As English educator and historian Thomas Arnold once said: “I know of no one fact in the history of mankind which is proved by better and fuller evidence of every sort . . . than the great sign which God hath given us that Christ died and rose again from the dead.”

In fact, some of the best books on the resurrection were written by lawyers (Frank Morison, Gilbert West, J.N.D. Anderson, among others)—some of whom had originally set out to disprove the resurrection.

Sir Edward Clark, another English jurist, once wrote: “As a lawyer I have made a prolonged study of the evidences of the first Easter day. To me the evidence is conclusive and over and over again in the high court, I secured the verdict on evidence not nearly as compelling…”

That’s why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest news of all—it is indeed great news, not just a great story. It is the ultimate truth, not just an opportunity to eat chocolate bunnies.

And because it is true, every human on the face of the earth must respond to it one way or another. Our individual eternal future, and the future of civilization, depends on it.



Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

Is He Your King?

"The question is, is He your King? Is He the King of your life? Do you give all of your allegiance, soul and body, to Him? For He has done that for you."

-Dr. Michael Youssef

Every Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem as the Messiah. On the first Palm Sunday, our King rode into the city humbly—not on a white horse, but on a donkey; not on a red carpet, but on a path marked by palm fronds.

From His lowly birth in a manger to His shameful death on the Cross, Jesus set Himself apart from all earthly rulers. He redefined what it meant to be king. When arguments arose among the disciples about which of them would be the greastest, Jesus reminded them, "The greatest among you will be your servant" (Matthew 23:11). Instead of using His power to manipulate others, He used it to serve—healing the sick, extending forgiveness, and loving the broken. He freely laid His life down for others.

This week, as we reflect on Jesus' humble entrance into Jerusalem, His sacrifice on the Cross, and His glorious resurrection, let us ask ourselves: Is Christ the King of my life? Am I fully trusting Jesus with everything I am and everything I have?

This Palm Sunday, we are reminded that we can give our lives fully to the One who first gave His life for us: our faithful Shepherd, our holy Savior, our matchless King—Jesus Christ.

What can we learn about leadership from the King of all kings? Discover vital leadership principles from the greatest leader of all time—Jesus Christ. Whether you are in a place of leadership in your home, workplace, or community, your approach to leadership will be transformed by the examples from Jesus' life outlined in Dr. Michael Youssef's book, The Leadership Style of Jesus. Receive your copy today for your gift of any amount to the ministry of Leading The Way.*

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April Notes from Our Inbox

At Leading The Way, we receive many testimonies from viewers, listeners, and readers across the world who have been transformed by the Truth of Christ. As we celebrate Christ’s victory during Easter, join us in thanking God for the many lives He has changed through this ministry. Only Christ can raise the dead to life!


“I often listen to your programs, and I understand every day more and more that they are changing me and transforming my walk with Christ. I have given my life to Jesus and this program is helping me to trust God more for my future. Thank you for your teaching!”

United Kingdom:

“Before I became a Christian, I was always searching for something and did not know what. Upon receiving Christ as my salvation, I felt cleansed. But still, although fulfilled in the revelation of Jesus, I still felt as if I was not getting the full truth. . . . In January 2013 I found Leading The Way and as I started to listen to it, it was as if at last I was hearing God’s word, but very much uncompromised. . . . I am once again filled with boldness, courage, and a massive burn in my gut to share the Gospel. I have a long way to go in this life as I serve God, but as I feed on the teachings from Leading The Way I know in my heart what I repeat is bold uncompromising Truth.”


“I discovered Radio 7 just by accident. The first program I heard on the Internet was The Way from Dr. Michael Youssef. This program made me listen to your station day after day, because my life was changing by what I was hearing. I always thought I was a believer, but Dr. Youssef made me understand what a real personal relationship with Christ is and that God wants to be part of everything in my life.”


“Dr. Michael’s message on satellite… made me realize that the Lord is my shepherd. I am thankful to God that I am saved and came to know about salvation. I am grateful to God and JCTV, which gave me a chance to hear the Word of God.”

Saudi Arabia:

“I used to live and work in Saudi Arabia for 10 years, and through those years your radio broadcast was the message of joy for me daily! My soul was nourished through your programs. I want to tell you that I have met many Saudi men who listen regularly to your broadcast through their car radios away from their houses so they won’t be seen. Leading The Way radio programs are the reason for my life in Jesus and for many other people too. You are the messenger through the air to many in the lost world!”


“For the past eight months I have been listening to your program. Although I was born in a traditional Indian family, from my childhood I have been hearing about Jesus Christ. But my faith was not in Him. When I grew up, I picked up quite a lot of bad habits: smoking, taking drugs, drinking, worshiping many gods and goddesses and following local spiritual guides. But from this hopeless situation, God resurrected me into a new man. Now all my bad habits are changed. Thank you for your program.”

Who Is Jesus?

Every Easter, we celebrate the defining characteristic of our Messiah, a claim that no other religion can make about its own leaders and religious figures: He is risen!

In all of history, no one compares to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The significant claims He made in His time on earth set Him apart from every other person who has ever existed. No one else has lived a sinless life; no one else has the power to save humanity; and no one else has defeated the grave—none but Jesus.

In his new series, There Is an 'I' in the 'I AM', Dr. Michael Youssef examines seven of Jesus' "I am" claims in the Gospel of John to illustrate the uniqueness of Christ. Highlighting the relevance of these statements to us today, Dr. Youssef answers two crucial questions: Who is Jesus, and why does He matter?

There Is an 'I' in the 'I AM' is a powerful message to listen to and share during this Easter season. You can order this new series today on CD or DVD in the Leading The Way shop.


Resting in the Risen Lord

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Have fears and worries ever tormented you till dawn? What if you suffered bouts of insomnia—not for days or weeks, but for years? Our Leading The Way team recently received this letter from a young man in China:

I suffered frequent sleeplessness for more than two years. I was exhausted by day and worried by night. Though I was raised by a Christian mother, in my youth I turned away from God and plunged into a worldly life. I thought God could never accept a sinner like me.

My mother suggested I listen to Liangyou Radio. I listened and one night I heard Dr. Michael Youssef on the Leading The Way broadcast. He said God’s love toward us never changes. Tears rolled down my face as I realized that God still loves me and would accept me, even with all my sins. He’s like the father who waited for his lost son to return home.

Since then, my sleepless nights have ended. Praise the Lord, I rest in Him every night! Thank you for telling me the Good News of God’s unchanging love!

Our young friend in China has found the solution not only to sleepless nights but hopeless days: those who suffer from fear, worry, and restlessness can find peace as they rest in the risen Lord.

Restless Dreams

Another man whose sleep was plagued by spiritual questioning was a young Jordanian—let’s call him Kamal. Raised in a strict Muslim family, Kamal was taught to hate Christians. Yet he had a Christian neighbor who was kind to him. When this Christian neighbor died, Kamal did something he thought he could never do: he attended a Christian funeral in a church.

That night, Kamal dreamed about the cross of Christ. When he awoke, he thought his dream was a trick of Satan. Night after night, he dreamed of the cross, and every morning he prayed that God would make the dreams stop. When the dreams didn’t stop, Kamal reasoned that perhaps the dreams came from God Himself.

Kamal began looking through Christian books and Internet sites—including the website of THE KINGDOM SAT. He watched THE KINGDOM SAT channel and emailed our office. Our staff met with him in person, gave him a Bible and study materials, and explained the message of salvation. Kamal made a decision for Christ that day. Within a month, he had read almost the entire New Testament and had completed several discipleship books.

He later said, “Now that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, His love is in my heart. I love everyone, and I want to tell everyone about Him.”

Resurrection—and Rest

In this Easter season, we remember that there is no one like Christ in all of history—and He is still changing lives. The love Kamal spoke of is at the heart of the Gospel message, and it is the message we share over 4,000 times a week through radio and TV broadcasting, THE KINGDOM SAT, Navigator pocket missionaries, and our Help The Persecuted ministry.

This month, I would be so grateful if you would consider giving to Leading The Way. Your participation enables us to reach many more people like these two precious souls from China and Jordan—those who have found rest in the victory of the risen Christ! I know you will be blessed as you see God multiply your gift to transform hearts around the world.

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

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