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April Notes from Our Inbox

At Leading The Way, we receive many testimonies from viewers, listeners, and readers across the world who have been transformed by the Truth of Christ. As we celebrate Christ’s victory during Easter, join us in thanking God for the many lives He has changed through this ministry. Only Christ can raise the dead to life!


“I often listen to your programs, and I understand every day more and more that they are changing me and transforming my walk with Christ. I have given my life to Jesus and this program is helping me to trust God more for my future. Thank you for your teaching!”

United Kingdom:

“Before I became a Christian, I was always searching for something and did not know what. Upon receiving Christ as my salvation, I felt cleansed. But still, although fulfilled in the revelation of Jesus, I still felt as if I was not getting the full truth. . . . In January 2013 I found Leading The Way and as I started to listen to it, it was as if at last I was hearing God’s word, but very much uncompromised. . . . I am once again filled with boldness, courage, and a massive burn in my gut to share the Gospel. I have a long way to go in this life as I serve God, but as I feed on the teachings from Leading The Way I know in my heart what I repeat is bold uncompromising Truth.”


“I discovered Radio 7 just by accident. The first program I heard on the Internet was The Way from Dr. Michael Youssef. This program made me listen to your station day after day, because my life was changing by what I was hearing. I always thought I was a believer, but Dr. Youssef made me understand what a real personal relationship with Christ is and that God wants to be part of everything in my life.”


“Dr. Michael’s message on satellite… made me realize that the Lord is my shepherd. I am thankful to God that I am saved and came to know about salvation. I am grateful to God and JCTV, which gave me a chance to hear the Word of God.”

Saudi Arabia:

“I used to live and work in Saudi Arabia for 10 years, and through those years your radio broadcast was the message of joy for me daily! My soul was nourished through your programs. I want to tell you that I have met many Saudi men who listen regularly to your broadcast through their car radios away from their houses so they won’t be seen. Leading The Way radio programs are the reason for my life in Jesus and for many other people too. You are the messenger through the air to many in the lost world!”


“For the past eight months I have been listening to your program. Although I was born in a traditional Indian family, from my childhood I have been hearing about Jesus Christ. But my faith was not in Him. When I grew up, I picked up quite a lot of bad habits: smoking, taking drugs, drinking, worshiping many gods and goddesses and following local spiritual guides. But from this hopeless situation, God resurrected me into a new man. Now all my bad habits are changed. Thank you for your program.”

Resting in the Risen Lord

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Have fears and worries ever tormented you till dawn? What if you suffered bouts of insomnia—not for days or weeks, but for years? Our Leading The Way team recently received this letter from a young man in China:

I suffered frequent sleeplessness for more than two years. I was exhausted by day and worried by night. Though I was raised by a Christian mother, in my youth I turned away from God and plunged into a worldly life. I thought God could never accept a sinner like me.

My mother suggested I listen to Liangyou Radio. I listened and one night I heard Dr. Michael Youssef on the Leading The Way broadcast. He said God’s love toward us never changes. Tears rolled down my face as I realized that God still loves me and would accept me, even with all my sins. He’s like the father who waited for his lost son to return home.

Since then, my sleepless nights have ended. Praise the Lord, I rest in Him every night! Thank you for telling me the Good News of God’s unchanging love!

Our young friend in China has found the solution not only to sleepless nights but hopeless days: those who suffer from fear, worry, and restlessness can find peace as they rest in the risen Lord.

Restless Dreams

Another man whose sleep was plagued by spiritual questioning was a young Jordanian—let’s call him Kamal. Raised in a strict Muslim family, Kamal was taught to hate Christians. Yet he had a Christian neighbor who was kind to him. When this Christian neighbor died, Kamal did something he thought he could never do: he attended a Christian funeral in a church.

That night, Kamal dreamed about the cross of Christ. When he awoke, he thought his dream was a trick of Satan. Night after night, he dreamed of the cross, and every morning he prayed that God would make the dreams stop. When the dreams didn’t stop, Kamal reasoned that perhaps the dreams came from God Himself.

Kamal began looking through Christian books and Internet sites—including the website of THE KINGDOM SAT. He watched THE KINGDOM SAT channel and emailed our office. Our staff met with him in person, gave him a Bible and study materials, and explained the message of salvation. Kamal made a decision for Christ that day. Within a month, he had read almost the entire New Testament and had completed several discipleship books.

He later said, “Now that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, His love is in my heart. I love everyone, and I want to tell everyone about Him.”

Resurrection—and Rest

In this Easter season, we remember that there is no one like Christ in all of history—and He is still changing lives. The love Kamal spoke of is at the heart of the Gospel message, and it is the message we share over 4,000 times a week through radio and TV broadcasting, THE KINGDOM SAT, Navigator pocket missionaries, and our Help The Persecuted ministry.

This month, I would be so grateful if you would consider giving to Leading The Way. Your participation enables us to reach many more people like these two precious souls from China and Jordan—those who have found rest in the victory of the risen Christ! I know you will be blessed as you see God multiply your gift to transform hearts around the world.

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

Give to Leading The Way


Shahid's Story: God's Love Overcomes Evil

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

I have good news for you today: God's love overcomes evil!

Let me tell you a story about this good news. It’s about a young Libyan man—for the sake of his security, let's call him Shahid.

For 15 years, Shahid attended a Qur’anic school, where he memorized the Islamic laws and traditions. But the more he delved into his studies, the more troubled he became.

“I went through a great mental struggle,” Shahid said. “At the end of that struggle, the Islamic religion was no longer part of my life.”

The Search Begins

Soon after, Shahid was flipping through the TV channels when he stumbled across THE KINGDOM SAT, the 24/7 satellite channel launched by Leading The Way to broadcast the Gospel to the Muslim world.

“At first,” Shahid said, “I thought the program was about Islam—then I realized that the songs were about Jesus. I watched the channel day after day. I wrote to the channel, and a man from Lebanon corresponded with me for over two years, answering my questions about Jesus the Messiah.”

Shahid later traveled to Jordan, where he connected with George, the coordinator of our follow-up teams. “Through George's teaching,” Shahid said, “I accepted Jesus the Messiah as my Lord and Savior. For three months I stayed in Jordan, where I studied the Bible and was baptized. Then I left to serve the Lord back in Libya.”

Soon after Shahid left Jordan, George lost contact with him. After two months of anxious silence, George learned that Shahid's own father, angered over his son's Christian conversion, had reported him to the government. The Libyan border guards had intercepted him.

When George located Shahid, the young man was in a refugee camp in Turkey, where two Muslims had tried to murder him. George asked Shahid, “Why did they want to kill you?” Shahid replied, “I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I had to share Jesus with others!”

A Free Man

Just as God used THE KINGDOM SAT to reach Shahid with the Gospel, God used another Leading The Way ministry, Help The Persecuted, to help Shahid navigate the legal complexities of the refugee system in Turkey. Shahid was released from the camp, and although it may take up to four years for the government to grant him asylum, he is a free man. Most importantly, he is free in Christ.

As Shahid boarded the bus to his freedom, he called George with tears in his eyes, saying, “Thank you for all that you did. Thank you for caring.”

You see? I told you I had good news! God's love overcomes evil. In the life of young Shahid, God overcame the deceptions of false religion by giving Shahid questions that led him to faith in Christ. God used the rejection Shahid faced from his own family as an opportunity for witness in a refugee camp—and God protected Shahid from the would-be assassins who sought his life. Through ministries like Help The Persecuted and THE KINGDOM SAT, Leading The Way was able to help.

This month, would you consider making a donation to Leading The Way? Your participation in this ministry will enable us to continue reaching out to many others like Shahid across the Muslim world. I know you will be blessed to see God using your gifts to touch hearts around the world!

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

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Overcoming Evil with the Good of the Gospel

Through radio, television, and the internet, God is truly making a way where there is no way. While the enemy conspires against the plans of the Lord, our God remains in control. He knows that the schemes of evil are no match for Him. When we see governments work against the Church, believers experience persecution, and doors close to God's Word, it is certainly discouraging. But God always finds a way in. The light of Christ is inextinguishable, shining in the darkest of places.

When Leading The Way was first founded, Dr. Michael Youssef knew the power radio had in the Middle East. Growing up in Egypt, he knew how many would gather around the radio for a simple Christian message. Twenty-six years later, THE KINGDOM SAT is broadcasting Biblical teaching to hundreds of millions of homes in the Arabic-speaking world. For some, radio continues to be the only means of exposure to the Good News of Christ, and our dual-language radio programs are able to reach areas where common Christian media is not accessible. Phone applications are also enabling listeners and viewers to tune in at any time, increasing the accessibility of Dr. Michael Youssef's messages.

While instability and conflict continue in the Muslim world, the power of Christ is reigning even where there is upheaval. Through the ministry of follow-up teams and Help The Persecuted outreach, God is equipping and encouraging new and persecuted Christians. A listener in Yemen reached out to us with this message:

“I need your continuous support through what my friends and I are going through in Yemen because of our faith in Jesus Christ. The spiritual change we have experienced via your programs and now with the support we receive through your follow-up team and prayers, we can only stand strong and keep looking up to God, who is more than able to sustain our faith and help us.”

The need for Christ is universal. We proclaim the transforming Truth of Christ to 190 countries in 21 languages because “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). Many are coming to the Lord through these simple Christ-focused messages. For one listener in India, the Biblical teachings of Leading The Way freed her from the grips of false religion, impacting her eternally:

“I am from a family that believes in the traditional gods of India. For the first time, I heard the Gospel while tuning the radio one Sunday night through a Leading The Way program. … By listening to Leading The Way programming I came to know that Jesus is the only God and all the other gods that we worship are just lifeless. I noted down the phone number given at the end of the program and called up. I am glad that I was able to communicate through phone and my questions and doubts were answered. I also thank you for sending me the New Testament. I have shared my faith with my parents and told them that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. So please pray for their salvation.”

It is easy to focus on spiritual obstacles in the world and in our own lives, but we can choose to set our hearts on the triumphant Christ. The Gospel is moving throughout the world. God is opening eyes with His light and strengthening His children. Please join with us as we continue to thank God for what He is doing. Pray for the Gospel to continue flooding into unreached places, for eyes to be opened to the Truth, and for the protection of God’s ministry to hostile areas.

March Notes From Our Inbox

Each month Leading The Way receives correspondence from all over the world. Through emails, letters, SMS, and phone calls, viewers and listeners express their curiosity about the Gospel, their need for prayer, or their excitement about how God has touched them through Leading The Way programming. We hope that this month’s notes from our inbox will grow your faith and fuel your prayers.


"I have been fasting for years and I never asked myself why I fast. Every year when it is time for fasting, I fast. This year something different happened. I got up in the morning and prayed to know God better and for a deeper relationship with him. After a while I turned on the radio and I don’t know how it happened but the frequency was 103.6 and I started to listen to your program. I thought that this may be a sign and started to listen. After that I started to ask questions about my own religion and Christianity. Now I want to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior into my life."

“Hello, I am a university student and like to listen to the radio a lot. My father is an imam at the mosque. I usually listen to Islamic preaching and there are a lot of radio stations who offer these kinds of sermons. One day, I wanted to try a different station. I found your program and started to listen. As I listened to you, I started to feel something in me that I never felt before. After 15 days, I accepted Christ in my life. … Because of my family, I have to keep my faith for me and I can’t tell anybody about it. Your programs are a guide to me, thank you!”


"I’m a listener from Syria, I’m from a Muslim background and I enjoy listening to your program. After listening all that time, I have curiosity to know more about your God! Can you help me know more?"

“I cannot thank you enough for connecting me to other Christians. Since I received the Lord Jesus in my heart through your program, I’ve been suffering being from a non-Christian background, where my family is from a cult that is closed and fundamentalists. Now when I go meet with other Christians I am encouraged and feel that this is piece of heaven!”


“As both [my wife and I] are walking through difficulties and the shadow of death, your broadcast has given me hope and courage to face the present critical situation. I hope that a day will come that we can see the light in our life and I can get back to work. So I thank and praise God for your broadcast, through which my spiritual needs are taken care of and I can see the rays of hope to overcome this darkness.”

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