Global Impact



Persecution is a daily reality for Christians worldwide. A professed faith in Christ can result in social rejection, shunning from friends and family members, job loss, imprisonment, torture and even death.

Leading The Way has been encouraging persecuted Christians around the world by broadcasting the Truth of Christ into closed regions and establishing on-the-ground follow-up teams for personal encouragement in some of the darkest parts of this world.

While we continue to meet spiritual needs, we must follow Christ's example and address the practical needs of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. To this end, Leading The Way established Help The Persecuted to meet the urgent physical, financial, and ministerial needs of persecuted believers around the world.

Recent projects completed through Help The Persecuted have included:

  • Replacing vandalized equipment in a Christian television studio in Pakistan

  • Rebuilding a Christian church destroyed by arson in Africa

  • Helping the families of Christians who were killed in the Garbage City attacks in Egypt

  • Subsidizing living expenses for a Muslim background believer from Jordan who has been banned from his country following his conversion

  • Supporting Christians facing persecution and financial devastation after the political fall-out in Egypt

Joining THE KINGDOM SAT and the Leading The Way Navigator, Help The Persecuted is a natural addition to our Gospel outreach to areas of the world where Christians are persecuted. Will you give a gift today and join us in these vital works of the Gospel?