Field Reports from Iraqi Pastors

Recently we shared a video of Leading The Way's special Iraq Update, where Dad and I discussed what’s going on in Iraq, what Leading The Way is doing in the region, and how you can help.

In the days following the update, I was able to speak with Iraqi pastors and ministry partners who were able to shed light on what life is like right now for our brothers and sisters who fled the ISIS takeover. These people are on the ground in Iraq right now, serving their communities in the midst of the crisis. They, better than anyone, understand the reality of what’s going on in their home country.

You can click below to watch these field reports with Admon Isaacs, a coordinator for our Help The Persecuted ministry, and Pastor Ghassan, a local pastor in the area. Both are on the ground in Arbil, Iraq, where many of Mosul’s Christians have fled from ISIS. In these videos they discuss the practical and spiritual needs of these displaced believers—which we are actively working to supplement.


In the coming days and weeks, we will be sharing more specifically about how Leading The Way is reaching out to Muslims and persecuted Christians in Iraq. Until then, please continue to pray, share these videos with your friends and family, and prayerfully consider giving a gift to Leading The Way.


Thank you for your ongoing support as we broadcast the Gospel, provide personal on-the-ground follow-up, and help the persecuted in the region.

In Christ,


Joshua Youssef
Executive Vice President, Leading The Way


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Understanding the Iraq Crisis

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Dear friends and partners of Leading The Way,

Linked below is a special video I want you to watch. For those of you who have seen news reports of the persecution and political turmoil taking place in Iraq and have asked, "How can I pray? How can I help?"—this video is for you.

Last week I joined my son Joshua, Executive Vice President of Leading The Way, in the studio to put together a special video addressing the many questions we were receiving about what's happening in Iraq. I hope it will help you better understand what is going on in the Middle East and what we as Christians can do. You can click below to watch it now.

I want to let you know that, by God's grace, we are already on the ground broadcasting the Gospel, following up with listeners and viewers, and helping the persecuted in this region. God has given Leading The Way a unique platform to reach the world's most hostile areas with the Truth of Christ, and in these moments, we must never forget the power of the Word of God and the prayers of His people. Let us press on with this crucial mission.

In Christ,



Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
Founder & President, Leading The Way

August Notes from Our Inbox

At Leading The Way, we are blessed to receive encouraging testimonies from viewers, listeners, and readers from around the world. Just as they are a tremendous encouragement to our team, we hope that their words will be an inspiration to you and an answer to your prayers for Leading The Way.


Leading The Way has blessed me so much today. Please pray for me that my faith will grow; that I will have more wisdom and mature spiritually. Thank you for delivering God’s Word, for you always bring something new to my faith. God bless you.”


“Only recently in the last six months have I felt the power and love of our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ and Dr. Michael Youssef have helped remove the ice from my heart. Now I am starting to see with God’s eyes.”


“I have found the peace and the truth in Jesus after many years of searching.”


“In the beginning of the New Year something happened in my life. I was sitting home and listening to the radio when I started to listen to your program by accident. I had never heard anything about Christianity before in my life. As I was listening to you, I felt different. It was like someone was touching my heart. A few days later, a voice in me told me to turn to the same radio frequency again. I listened two months to your programs and afterwards I accepted Jesus into my life. I wanted to share that with you, because I want to share this new beginning with someone.”

Latin America:

“Your messages are a powerful source of education, inspiration, and correction in my life. I thank God for you and all those who work to lead the way to salvation.”


Leading The Way programs are like my spiritual breakfast. The knowledge I get helps me trust in the Lord and has also cleared my other doubts on whether Jesus was the only true God. Leading The Way has helped me even guide other people to God’s feet."

United Kingdom:

"I have been listening to your dual-language radio for some months now. This is powerful and I have been sharing it with family, friends, and strangers who want to understand a certain language and are looking for God. I really am inspired in everything I've heard from your ministry and share it with many across the nations."

Recent Michael Youssef Radio Interviews

In recent months, Dr. Michael Youssef has been featured on multiple radio shows in the United States and the United Kingdom, sharing Biblical insights on evangelism, prayer, and the current political turmoil taking place in Iraq, Syria, and Israel.

A summary of these interviews and links to each are provided below to keep you informed about how God is using Leading The Way to encourage and equip audiences here at home and around the world.

Description: Youssef – Live on Premier Christian Radio

During a live in-studio interview on Premier’s Inspirational Breakfast Show, Dr. Michael Youssef answered questions from callers, sharing his own personal insights on evangelism, prayer, personal victory over areas of sin, and what we can do to help our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Listen to Dr. Youssef’s in-studio interview on Premier Christian Radio.

Michael Youssef – Phone Interview with Premier Christian Radio

In a phone interview on Premier’s Inspirational Breakfast Show, Dr. Michael Youssef shared Leading The Way’s ongoing outreach to Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation. Listen to Dr. Youssef’s phone interview on Premier Christian Radio.

Description: Youssef on the Janet Mefferd Show

In a radio interview with Janet Mefferd, Dr. Youssef shared about his recent visit to a Syrian refugee camp, explained the roots of the unrest in the Middle East today, and talked about how Leading The Way is reaching the Muslim world. Listen to Dr. Youssef on the Janet Mefferd Show.

The Power of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit of God is a gift that is given to all who have trusted in Jesus Christ. Apart from the power of the Holy Spirit of God who dwells in the life of every believer, it is impossible to live a life of obedience to God. Only those who surrender to the control of the Holy Spirit will experience freedom from the control of sin and the flesh.

In Romans 8, Paul explains our need for the Holy Spirit:

First, the Spirit of God is given to us to ensure our liberty and victory from sin (see Romans 8:1-4). Even the most valiant soldiers are vulnerable to spiritual injury and discouragement. You might become overwhelmed and feel defeated if you rely on your own strength. Instead, remember who dwells within you. Stop and say, “Spirit of God, I surrender to you,” and He will help you flee temptation and rise above fear. 

God the Father does not force His children to obey Him; He seeks willing obedience. When you are genuinely submissive to the Spirit of God, He will supernaturally reshape and redirect you, leading you into conformity to His will.

Second, the Spirit of God is given to every believer as a guarantee and a seal (see Romans 8:14-17). We cannot be adopted by God without having God’s name and all the power that comes with that name. As children of God, we are co-heirs with Christ, which means we will not only be equipped with His power to overcome in the present, but we will also share in His glory for eternity. The Holy Spirit is not only God’s seal of ownership on our lives, but also the reminder of our eternal destination.

Third, the Spirit of God turns your groans into glory (see Romans 8:22-25). Paul said, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18). Whatever problem you are facing today that is making you groan, He is turning your groaning into glory. All the pain and all the hurt and all the suffering and all the agony, all the disappointment and all the dashed hopes and shattered dreams, all the insults and all the rejection, are all nothing when it comes to the Father’s glory that you will one day inherit. You can’t even begin to compare them.

Rest and rejoice in the Truth that the Spirit of God is giving you the ultimate victory, He is guaranteeing and sealing your adoption, and He is turning your groaning into glory.

Discover more about the Holy Spirit with Dr. Youssef.

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