Finishing the Year Strong

Thank you!

Thanks to all your support in June, Leading The Way was able to meet the match for the fiscal year-end Matching Challenge. This means that every gift given in June—up to $350,000—was matched by generous ministry partners of Leading The Way.* Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

In the last year, your gifts have helped us:

  • Reach a new audience in Sri Lanka with the addition of our 22nd language, Sinhala, to our dual-language library
  • Launch THE KINGDOM SAT Indonesia, reaching the world’s largest Muslim nation
  • Distribute over 5,000 Navigators in strategic locations around the world
  • Provide physical and financial aid to persecuted believers in 12 nations

As a result of your partnership, Leading The Way listeners are coming to Christ, like this university student in Turkey:Navigator Recipient in Indonesia

At first I listened to your radio program because I wanted to improve my English, but later your programs started to touch my heart. I began to understand that these programs were actually giving me spiritual guidelines. I was surprised that I did not understand this the first time. Now I have accepted Christ in my life. I feel that God has everything under control, and that gives me peace.

God is strengthening believers in their faith, like Stephanie in the United States:

Thank you so much for preaching the Word of God. I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and His Word, and for people like you who are declaring the truth. I am inspired to pray and will encourage others to do so as well!

People like Evgeniya in Ukraine have access to God's Word through Navigator solar-powered audio players:

I am a Christian, but have not been able to go to church for several years because the left side of my body is paralyzed. My eyesight is also pretty weak because of diabetes, so it is difficult for me to read my Bible. This Navigator has become a great spiritual blessing through which I can listen to God’s Word.

Persecuted Christians like Shahid have received freedom and legal help through the aid of Help The Persecuted:

Thank you to everyone who helped me. Thank you for the lawyer and all that you did. Thank you for caring.

Thank you for all your prayers and generous gifts. There are so many viewers we are still praying for, places we have yet to reach. We are excited to see how God continues to transform hearts and minds with His Word as we begin this new fiscal year.

*In June, we shared Leading The Way’s opportunity to distribute Navigator solar-powered audio players to Syrian refugees in one of Syria’s neighboring countries. Although this project is still largely in progress, we are excited to share with you that we are in the process of shipping 600 stuffed animal Navigators to one of these strategic locations. We hope these Navigators, which share the story of Jesus in Arabic, will be a source of hope, comfort, and Truth to the many Syrian children who have been displaced from their homes as a result of the Syrian civil war.

July Notes from Our Inbox

At Leading The Way, we receive encouraging testimonies and letters from viewers, listeners, and readers around the world. We hope that their words will be an encouragement to you and an answer to your prayers for Leading The Way.


"I just wanted to let you know how much your ministry means to me. I have had one tragedy after another in my life in the last two years, but I love your devotionals and look forward to reading them every day. Thank you—they encourage and strengthen me every day."


"You fill my life with meaning and strengthen my faith every day. You are a living testimony of God’s love. Thank you for your very useful work! I always watch your programs on TBN in Ukraine. For Ukraine it is more important than ever! May the Lord bless you!"


"Each night we play your program on our radio station in Papua. This is a very good program for the people in Papua. One woman who contacted us shared of her struggles with a wayward husband. The woman had decided that she had had enough and wanted to commit suicide. At 10 p.m. she decided she wanted to commit suicide. At the same time, the Leading The Way program was playing on the radio. As she heard the program, the teaching gave her a solution to her problem. She decided to call the radio. The staff at the radio were able to minister to her and she decided not to commit suicide! This is an amazing testimony and it is only one example of the many testimonies we hear. On behalf of the radio, I want to say thank you to Dr. Michael Youssef."


"Your radio programs fill all the empty spaces in my heart when I’m working or when I’m home. Your programs are teaching me as a young parent to face different situations in life."

United States:

From our follow-up team: "One listener from Richmond called in thanking God for finding Leading The Way programming in Richmond. She and her family are attending an American church, but most of the time she is lost during the sermon because her English is not very good. Leading The Way programming is where she can hear a clear godly message in Arabic."


"We watch TBN Russia with the whole family and enjoy your programs. We have learned about Christ through your preaching. Thank you for this!"


"When I was not living my life the right way, I experienced a breakdown and bitterness. My life was in darkness. When I listened to Leading The Way programming, I had answers for my feelings of anger, hate, and anxiety. Thank you Michael."

There Is Hope for America

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Today, as the Christian faith is under unprecedented attack, and as the airwaves are clogged with moral and spiritual poison, it’s more crucial than ever that we broadcast the love and Truth of Christ in our nation. A ministry supporter named Jackie recently shared with us how a Leading The Way broadcast first impacted her life.

"I was flipping through the channels on my car’s XM radio," she said, "when I heard Dr. Youssef say, ‘Are you lost? Are you alone?’ In my struggle with an eating disorder, that’s exactly how I felt. I wasn’t sure how I could get through the day.

"God used Dr. Youssef’s broadcast to reach me and bring me to Him. I’m still going through the storm, still struggling—but I have hope I can get through it in God’s strength. I have joy in my heart that only comes from Him—but I worry that my country is going down the wrong path. It seems everyone lives only for selfishness and greed—not for God. America needs God’s Truth.

"Dr. Youssef speaks God’s uncompromising Truth from the Bible. I want to follow that example and do my part to share the Good News with my children, my neighbors, and everyone around me."

It excites me to hear Jackie’s desire to do her part to reach others with the Good News of Jesus Christ. She’s right—America is on the wrong path. But there is hope for America.

The greatest threat to our nation does not come from foreign powers or terrorists. It comes from within. We have abandoned God’s principles for a righteous society. In times past, our nation turned to God for help. Today, we have largely forgotten Him. When the next threat comes, where will we turn?

Ancient Israel once stood at the same crossroads where America now stands. When evil kings led Israel into idolatry, the pagan nations overran Israel, burned its fields, and pillaged its cities. Eventually, Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and led the Israelites into captivity.

For 70 years, the people languished in exile. Then God raised up Nehemiah, the Israelite advisor to the Persian king. Nehemiah longed for Israel. When he thought of the broken walls of Jerusalem, he wept. Nehemiah prayed, he planned, he acted—and God used him to rebuild Jerusalem.

At Leading The Way, we want to be a city on a hill—a beacon of God’s grace. Over the Internet, on five national TV networks and 68 local TV stations, and on more than 500 radio stations in the United States, Leading The Way reaches people like Jackie every day in all 50 states. We rely on your gifts every month to stay on the air. This month, I pray you will partner with us in our mission to see God awaken this nation to the Truth as we proclaim Christ over the airwaves.

The walls of our nation are broken, but now is not the time to give up. Believe that God still uses faithful individuals to accomplish the impossible—then pray, “Lord, send me!”

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.


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Praise Reports from Iraq

God Is Moving in the Middle EastIf you have been following the news, you know that political instability is escalating in the Middle East as the jihadist group ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, also commonly referred to as ISIS) executes the hostile takeover of major cities in Iraq and Syria. This is a dark time in history for these nations, and yet God is using Leading The Way to draw many to Christ in these and other countries in the Middle East.

As you know, Leading The Way broadcasts not only domestically but internationally. Through our satellite channel THE KINGDOM SAT, the Truth of Christ is proclaimed 24/7 in the Middle East, and through regular radio programming, we are broadcasting specifically to Baghdad and Basra in Iraq, as well as the Kurdish region in the north where many are heading as they flee ISIL's trek to Baghdad.

Leading The Way has on-the-ground teams who follow up with viewers every week via emails, texts, Skype calls, and Facebook messages. Recently one of our follow-up staff provided us with two powerful reports from some of our Iraqi viewers.

Pray for Hassan* from Iraq, a Muslim who is asking many questions about Christ. He is so open and very close to finding the Lord. Please pray for him to recognize the Lord’s voice and accept Him.

Praise God, Ahmed* from Iraq, whom I mentioned in previous reports, just prayed and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior after being a Muslim all his life. Ahmed and I have been in touch for over a year. I shared many times about how every time we talk, he is getting closer to the Lord. We just finished a three-hour Skype call about the last subject he had doubts about. After I prayed for God to give him strength and take a step to surrender his heart to the Lord, he said, “I believe in Christ with all my heart and mind, and there is nothing I can think about that can make me resist Him.” So we prayed again, but this time we prayed together, and he repeated after me, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. Please pray for wisdom in how to share this with his family, and for him to find a group where he can be discipled with Biblical foundations.

*Names have been changed to protect their security

While the political unrest continues, especially in Iraq, please join us in praying for God to draw many more to Christ during this time.

Tomorrow is the last day of Leading The Way's fiscal year. Help us finish the year strong by giving to our Gospel work around the world. Your support enables us to continue reaching people like Hassan and Ahmed all over the world as we broadcast Biblical Truth to over 190 countries in 23 languages.

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June Notes from Our Inbox

We at Leading The Way are overwhelmed by the encouragement we receive from listeners, viewers, and readers who have been touched by the ministry. As you read these notes from our inbox, we pray you will be encouraged by how God is transforming hearts around the world. Thank you for partnering with us as we share the Gospel worldwide.


“You fill my life with meaning and strengthen my faith every day! You are a living testimony of God’s love! Thank you for your very useful work. I always watch your programs on TBN in Ukraine. For Ukraine it is more important than ever! May the Lord bless you!”


“I don’t know what I would do without your blessed words. You are the light and goodness in my life! I am happy I can watch your programs in Russia. Very valuable and meaningful things are filling my soul every day. Thank you!”


“Your program has strengthened me in walking through life when it is tough. I was once losing all hope and wanted to kill myself, but God gave me a joy through what you said in the program. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you.”


From our follow-up team: “Haidar is an Iraqi convert. In 2005, he became a Christian after seeing the terror in Islam. After his conversion, he travelled to Syria to be able to worship the Lord freely in 2007. After the war took place in Syria, Haidar returned to Iraq. His parents are against his faith, but his wife supports him. Haidar contacted THE KINGDOM SAT for help to grow in faith by requesting Christian literature for him and his children so that they will be able to know the Savior. Please pray for Haidar and his family along with all Iraqi Christians.”

United States:

“I listened to part two of Dr. Youssef’s message, Know Where You Stand, on the local Christian station on the drive home from softball one night. This message shook me to the core. It really challenged me out of my apathy. I plan on watching it again on your website as soon as I get home tonight to glean as much as possible from it.”


“Your programs are talking every day to my fears and my faith is increasing. We live in times of uncertainty, but listening to your programs is helping me face tomorrow. You are teaching me how to have peace in the storms of my life. Being a father of teenagers, your program is teaching me how to leave my worries to God and to lift my children in prayer before Him.”


“The Navigator tells me so much about Jesus. Through this Navigator I understand God’s heart and it has strengthened my faith.”

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