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Testimonies from Listeners Around the World

Where were you when you first heard Leading The Way? What circumstances were you facing when Dr. Michael Youssef first came on your radio? We are always encouraged by stories of how our listeners and viewers found Leading The Way at just the right time.

Vijay, listener in India

Vijay found no peace fasting, praying, and worshiping the traditional gods and goddesses of his culture. "When I first heard the Word of God on your program, I cannot explain the joy and peace that flooded my heart," Vijay says. "I continued to listen with deep interest, and every episode spoke into my life. Before long, I had surrendered my life to Jesus, and He became the Savior of my soul."

Vijay began to attend church and had the opportunity to publicly testify to his newfound faith in Christ. "Pray that I continue to grow and experience His mercy and grace in my life. It is my prayer that God's divine intervention will touch the lives of my family members."

MaryAnn, listener in Rhode Island, USA

"My life has been changed ever since I first heard you on the radio over a year ago." MaryAnn says. After hearing the program in her car, MaryAnn rushed home to find Leading The Way on the Internet. "I now listen to your messages throughout the week, and I am learning so much from you. Most importantly, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and I'm growing in my faith every day through His Word."

Berna, listener in Turkey

Berna is a university student in Turkey who comes from a very conservative Muslim family. Berna heard a Leading The Way program while riding in a cab.

"I was so surprised by your program that I forgot to get out of the cab," she says. "After a few days, I remembered your program and searched the radio to find the station again."

After finding the station, Berna became a regular listener and started to study the Bible.

"After three months, I decided to give my life to Christ," Berna says. "I read the Bible in secret. I'm afraid that my family will find out that I have changed my beliefs. Please pray for me."

The Journey of Faith

Many times when we hear the word journey, we imagine time spent along broad vistas with restful pastures. The word even sounds poetic. But in reality, the journey of faith that God requires us to take through this life can lead up steep, emotional mountain grades; out across vast, lonely plains; and, without warning, down into dark valleys, where we face some of our greatest challenges.

Through it all, however, we can have a tremendous sense of hope and determination because our faith is founded in an unshakable God who is not frustrated by the rise and fall of the world’s economy. Nor is He alarmed by daily news reports or changed in any way by the shifting of governmental powers. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He is faithful and true, and we can be sure of this: God is just as concerned about your needs as He is about the nations of this world. No request is too small for Him and no problem is too great for Him to solve.

When we are tempted to feel hopeless, He comes to us as our strong and mighty advocate, proclaiming His care and plan for our lives (see 1 John 2:1).

Will You Trust Him with Your Life?

Abraham could have remained in Haran the rest of his life, but he knew that there was something far greater that God had for him. A gnawing sensation deep within his heart pulled him on to something else—something greater than he had ever known. This is when God spoke to Abraham, “Leave your






country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:1-3).

Within the context of these words, Abraham’s life changed. It went from a life on a journey to nowhere, to a life on a journey of faith with an eternal destination.

Travel the road of life through faith in Jesus Christ. He is the One who brings light to our darkness, hope strong enough to shatter our greatest fears, and peace deep enough to calm our anxious hearts.

Obedience Without Hesitation

Abraham did not hesitate to obey the Lord. He packed up everything and headed for the land of Canaan, no questions asked. God had spoken, and Abraham obeyed. Are we willing to do the same and step out obediently without hesitation?

There also will be times when the Lord instructs us to wait, and we must be willing to do just that—be still and wait for Him. Waiting is a form of faithful obedience.

Abraham was not perfect. He panicked and took matters into his own hands as he took his family to Egypt. What made sense from a human viewpoint was folly from God’s viewpoint.

When we feel threatened, many of us do the same thing—we become fearful and run for cover. However, in times of crisis, we must remain steadily focused on Christ—watching and listening for His leading.

Fear always challenges faith. When we divert from God’s plan out of fear, we end up in a foreign land, fighting a foreign enemy with our own resources. Like Abraham, we will make mistakes. We will take a wrong turn and end up in a place other than the one God has for us. However, the journey of faith begins at the Cross where Jesus died for our sins and where we can find eternal forgiveness for our souls. When we stray, the Cross reminds us that we can always turn to the Lord, asking Him to forgive us and to lead us on from that point.

No matter where you are on your journey of faith, look to the Lord for guidance and trust that He will always lead you in paths of righteousness for your ultimate good and His glory.

The Time is Right to Reach Iraq

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

When ISIS took over the major Iraqi city of Mosul in June, Christians were given three options: convert to Islam, pay a penalty to remain in the city, or be killed in accordance with Islamic Law. Seeing no other choice, thousands of families fled as the second largest city in Iraq was claimed for the Islamic State.

Since 1996, Leading The Way has been blanketing the Middle East—including Iraq—with the Gospel. Starting with our very first Arabic-English dual-language broadcasts, which continue to air in the region today, we also proclaim Christ on our 24/7 satellite TV channel, THE KINGDOM SAT, and provide personal follow-up for our viewers in the region. And now, as many of our brothers and sisters face persecution for their faith, we are directly meeting their needs through our Help The Persecuted ministry.

In the past year, as the situation in Iraq has worsened, we have seen an overwhelming response to the broadcasts and personal ministry we provide. In this current crisis, our Help The Persecuted coordinator, Admon—a former Muslim who came to Christ through our broadcasts and personal follow-up—is now helping others as our on-the-ground coordinator in Arbil, Iraq. He has taken over 70 displaced Christians into his home.

Through partnership with him and other local pastors in the area, we have been able to help hundreds of Christian refugee families who have fled the ISIS takeover, providing food, mattresses, blankets, baby formula, hygiene kits, and portable bathrooms. The cases are growing, and we are still responding.

I know you're asking, "What can I do?" Today, I ask you to partner with us in the following ways:

  • Pray with us. Pray that doubting Muslims see the light of Christ. Pray for persecuted Christians and for those who seek to harm them.
  • Give to Leading The Way's work in Iraq. To our brothers and sisters in crisis and to the millions in the region who do not yet know Christ, we are providing an immediate response—over the airwaves and on the ground. If you’d like to support our work in Iraq, please click the link below to give online, and specify IRAQ in the designation line along with your donation.

The time is right to reach Muslims who are disillusioned by the barbarism of ISIS. The time is right to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Iraq. Will you partner with us as we reach them?

The needs are overwhelming, but we know the ultimate answer is Christ. Together, we can continue to shine His light in this region.


In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
Founder & President, Leading The Way



P.S. For the most recent updates about our work in Iraq, you can visit for new videos and resources.



Why September 12th Matters

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

This year, the bloodshed of September 11th, 2001, feels too familiar. In recent months, as we have heard about the rise of the radical group ISIS and their attempts to establish an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the world has been reminded that extreme Islamism still remains a legitimate threat 13 years later. Cities have fallen. Our own brothers and sisters in Christ have been killed for their faith. But how quickly we forget.

For Christians, what matters most in the wake of September 11th is not how sad we felt on the anniversary—it is how we choose to live the day after. As life goes on in the West on September 12th, let us not forsake praying and being passionate witnesses for Christ to a slumbering world. Let’s answer God’s call as He cries out to the world, “Wake up!”

Every year we provide new resources to empower our listeners and viewers to understand and overcome the threat of radical Islam. This year, I want to share a few teachings with you—The Day God Wept and The Imperative of Understanding Islamism—to help answer the big questions: What’s the Biblical response to evil? What can we do to keep this from coming to the West? How can I effectively reach out to Muslims in love?

I am filled with hope knowing the miraculous ways God is working as Leading The Way broadcasts the Gospel into the Muslim world, follows up with new believers, and helps our brothers and sisters who have seen the terror of Islamic extremism firsthand. We have seen Apostle Paul-like conversions—former jihadists ready to die for the cause of Islam, but now completely transformed by the love of Christ and walking in His Truth. Only God can do that, and He is not finished yet.

God is always looking for that faithful remnant of Christians who will live and love with their eyes wide open. As we live in response to the attacks of September 11th, let us call upon Christ’s love, power, and Truth for our nation and world.


In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
Founder & President, Leading The Way

Field Reports from Iraqi Pastors

Recently we shared a video of Leading The Way's special Iraq Update, where Dad and I discussed what’s going on in Iraq, what Leading The Way is doing in the region, and how you can help.

In the days following the update, I was able to speak with Iraqi pastors and ministry partners who were able to shed light on what life is like right now for our brothers and sisters who fled the ISIS takeover. These people are on the ground in Iraq right now, serving their communities in the midst of the crisis. They, better than anyone, understand the reality of what’s going on in their home country.

You can click below to watch these field reports with Admon Isaacs, a coordinator for our Help The Persecuted ministry, and Pastor Ghassan, a local pastor in the area. Both are on the ground in Arbil, Iraq, where many of Mosul’s Christians have fled from ISIS. In these videos they discuss the practical and spiritual needs of these displaced believers—which we are actively working to supplement.


In the coming days and weeks, we will be sharing more specifically about how Leading The Way is reaching out to Muslims and persecuted Christians in Iraq. Until then, please continue to pray, share these videos with your friends and family, and prayerfully consider giving a gift to Leading The Way.


Thank you for your ongoing support as we broadcast the Gospel, provide personal on-the-ground follow-up, and help the persecuted in the region.

In Christ,


Joshua Youssef
Executive Vice President, Leading The Way


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